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Public Education is the first step of preventative SAR or Search and Rescue. This is one of the main goals of the Coast Guard Auxiliary and one of the largest benefits available to the public in the form of boater education. We provide many different classes tailored for different subjects throughout the year and in different locations throughout Alaska.

Classes offered include the BS&S or Boating Skills & Seamanship, a comprehensive learning experience about safe boating in a multiple lesson type setting, to one day seminar type classes like Know your GPS. All are taught but Auxiliary instructors with insight to the Alaskan waters that you want to access. Take advantage of a safe boating class near you and absorb the knowledge available to you to make you a safer boater!

Description of classes

For descriptions of classes offered click on the below links for more details


Public Education Class Schedule for 2012

Richard Fairbanks FSO-PE, rgfairbanks@gci.net

770-2772 Home, 310-4748 Cell

 About Boating Safely: 8 hours class time

Weekday Date Class Times Hours Topic Instructor
    8 am - 5pm 8  

 Suddenly in Command for Women: 4 hours class time

Weekday Date Class Times Hours Topic Instructor
    9 am - 1pm 4 Suddenly in Command  

October 2012 Boating Skills & Seamanship: 15 hours class time

Weekday Date Class Times Hours Topic Instructor
Fri 19th 6:30pm-9:00pm 3 Registration & Chapter 1 Pat Fairbanks
Sat 20th 8:00am-10:00am 2 Chapter 2 Pat Fairbanks
Sat 20th 10:15am-12:15pm 2 Chapter 3 Jerry Pardini
Sat 20th 1:00pm- 2:45pm 2 Chapter 4 Richard Fairbanks
Sat 20th 3:00pm-5:00 2 Chapter 5 Gordon Hartlieb
Sun 21st 8:30-10:30 2 Chapter 6 D & N Terencio
Sun 21st 10:30-12:30 2 Chapter 13  
Sun 21st 1:30-3:30 2 Chapter 8 Gordon Hartlieb
Mon 22nd 6:30-To Finish 2.5 Review and Test Richard Fairbanks
Weekday Date Class Times Hours Topic Instructor
  8:00 am - 4:30 pm 8 GPS for Mariners