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Debi Isel
Debi Isel Flotilla Commander Myron Wheeler Vice Flotilla Commander


The Flotilla for Alaska’s Largest City.


Flotilla 32 provides the opportunity for half of the state’s population to become involved with the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary and support the missions of the U.S. Coast Guard.

 Anchorage is located in south-central Alaska and is the hub for the state and by far the largest city in Alaska. One of 2 Coast Guard Sectors is headquartered here. Flotilla 32 supports their endeavors including supporting on-the-water missions out of the towns of Whittier and Seward. We also assist in other functions such as Fishing Vessel Examinations and Inspections, Bush Outreach missions, and others.

Many public education missions are undertaken which provide safety education to many mariners who boat in some of the most beautiful and majestic yet remote and unforgiving waters in the world. We make safer mariners!

And of course, we provide interesting and fun opportunities for our members to enjoy, such as several on-water training events during the beautiful summers here. Plenty to do for all!